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Golf Corner
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From Islantilla Golf Resort Hotel you can take excursions to interesting towns and places of great interest as, for example:

  • Lugares colombinos: travel in time to discover the three Columbus ships (Caravelas) and the Monastery of La Rabida.
  • Huelva Shopping: visit the Huelva capital to shop at the city center or at a city market.
  • Doñana: take a jeep tour through the largest national park in Spain.
  • Guadiana Cruise: cruise through this river, natural border between Spain and Portugal.
  • Sevilla: visit the main monuments of the Andalusian capital.
  • Villa Real de Sto. Antonio: Portuguese border town with Spain. Ideal place to shop
  • Algarve: Visit the towns of Albufeira and Vilamoura.
  • Gibraltar: full day to see the little England within Spain. (Documentation essential)
  • Theme and water parks: perfect for a fun family day.