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Thursday, October 13 2011


For only 5,00€ you can enjoy a World of Benefits with Islantilla Golf Plus:

* 10% Discount on their next accommodation.*

* 10% Discount on repairs and parts in Zamora Cars in Lepe, Isla Cristina and Ayamonte.

* 50% Discount in our private indoor Parking.

* 5% Discount on Green Fee and Buggies.

* 10% Discount on Tokens and Electric Trolleys.

* 30% Discount on Trolleys.

* 15% Discount at Shoes Shop La Huella in Isla Cristina.

* 5% Discount on the Golf Club Pro Shop.

* 10% Discount on all the Services of Azabache Spa Body Relax.

* 10% Discount on your shops at USISA stores.

* 10% Discount on Islasub, aquatic activities, for various services offered.

* 5% Discount on Brecoluz Canine Center of Lepe.

* 10% Discount for Agrojardín in Huelva on purchase of Machinery.

* 10% Discount on repair of sheet metal and painted in Talleres Riquelme e Hijos from Huelva.

* 50 discount on oral cleanings in Dental Clinical Molina at Lepe.

* 10% Discount on Belisa Fashions in Punta Umbría on purchases.

* Registration Fee and One day of testing Free at Okmas Wellness & Fitness in Huelva.

ISLANTILLA GOLF PLUS.... More news soon!!!

* For direct bookings with the establishment.

Contact directly to give one with the Commercial Department, or (+34) 959 204 500.