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Emofision is the fusion between physiotherapy, aesthetics and emotional therapies in order to restore a state of health, well-being and balance in the human being.

We can improve from cellulite, wrinkles, spots, insomnia, depressions, fibromyalgia, stress, tendinitis, sprains, contractures, lack of self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and even increase your personal and professional success, since everything in our being is related and just as a strong emotion experienced is reflected in our physical body, we can through different therapies encompass those emotions and improve our external appearance and at the same time make us freer to do what really makes us happy.

We use emosensory therapies, from techniques with physical, mental and emotional results, some act on all three aspects of the person at the same time.

Some of them are:

Massotherapy, music therapy, electrotherapy, radiofrequency, aromatherapy, acupuncture, homeopathic mesotherapy, chromotherapy, energy therapy, etc., all of them stimulate the 5 senses and make us live with more awareness of what we feel, this will make us know what makes us feel better, and with the acquisition of better living habits we will have that beloved state of well-being.

In emofision we invest in people for their potential and healing capacity, always supported by scientifically proven techniques.

We all have the ability to regenerate, the cells of our body respond quickly and permanently when they get what they need.

We work with emotional biological cosmetics (EMOCOSMETICA) is a company with a philosophy similar ours, committed to people, honest, with the purpose of helping us to have wellness through cosmetics, which we can use in the day to day and apply them in the largest organ we have, the skin.

All its products are natural and work on the skin and on an emotional level through essential oils and Bach flowers.

In this way, the therapies received in the cabin are enhanced with cosmetics recommended for use at home.

These creams, oils, perfumes and essences are of great importance, since they are food for our cells, they are in charge of nourishing, hydrating, regenerating, detoxifying them, etc., and these compounds go directly to the bloodstream, so they act throughout our body and our mind through the aromas and of course in our emotions.

Emofision is the professional evolution of Eva María Fernandez Delgado, a physiotherapist trained in different techniques and therapies and with more than 20 years of experience as a therapist dedicated to her patients.

Now he wants to show what he has been feeling and working on for years without giving it a specific name... they are EMOSENSORY TREATMENTS.

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