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Golf in Islantilla

If you want a golf getaway to Huelva, the Islantilla Golf Resort will offer you everything you need to enjoy this exciting outdoor sport in a unique environment, with the Atlantic Ocean in the background and 4-star accommodation specially designed to live a complete and comfortable golf experience on the Costa de la Luz. 

One more year the platform certifies us as one of the Top 100 golf resorts in Europe, another reason to continue offering an experience to remember:


Our field

The Islantilla Golf Resort has one of the best golf courses in Huelva: 27 holes surrounded by typical landscapes of the Costa de la Luz and with the possibility of enjoying 3 golf circuits of 9 holes each. Inaugurated in 1992, it is the headquarters of some of the most outstanding golf tournaments in Andalusia, being the only one in the province of Huelva to hold a European Tour event such as the Tour España Mast.ers in 1995. Furthermore, in 2000 it was listed by Golf Digest magazine as one of the 100 best golf courses in Europe.

The course is designed to offer different degrees of difficulty, 3 18-hole options for 3 different playing experiences: The blue course is for low handicap players; the yellow course, of intermediate difficulty with beautiful views; and green, more affordable for high handicaps.

In addition, it has gentle slopes, aquatic areas, sea views and Agrostis and Bermuda Fairways greens that give it that differentiating extra that every high-level golf course has. See tours and cards.

Our tours

RouteBlue (1-9)

Perfect for the most advanced players, low handicap. Offers beautiful lakes and challenging play surrounded by nature

RouteYellow (10-18)

Of intermediate difficulty with beautiful views of the sea, with gentle curves and areas of water.

RouteGreen (19-27)

The most affordable course, designed for players with higher handicaps, but enjoyed by everyone.

Practice Field 4

Practice field

The Islantilla Golf Resort offers a golf course with a driving range that includes a Driving Range with capacity for more than 60 people; 3 bunkers, 2 Putting Green and a Pitch area. All of this makes this golf driving range in Islantilla one of the largest and best equipped and equipped in all of Huelva.

Club House

The Islantilla Golf Resort Golf Club House is an essential meeting point for anyone who comes to enjoy a golf getaway in Islantilla. Located just 50 meters from the hotel, it has been designed to surprise and facilitate the practice of this exciting sport. Colonial style and with spectacular views of the entire golf course, the Islantilla Golf Resort Club House has a bar-restaurant with terraces, changing rooms with lockers, golf shop, rental of buggies, electric carts, clubs...



The Islantilla Golf Resort golf course has a golf academy. This is the SV Golf Academy, managed by the well-known professional teacher Neno Smoljenovic, along with a whole staff of experienced teachers to offer classes to all levels of player. Golf academy classes are offered in 5 languages (Spanish, German, French, Croatian and English), with specially developed programs to help everyone (from obtaining playing permits and/or HCP, to professional players ) and for each age of the players.


At the Islantilla Golf Resort golf academy you will learn following the Three Keystone Golf Swing method, a patented teaching system that is very different from the usual. This formula is universal and is  It adapts to any type of player, level and/or age. For more information and news about classes and courses, see our news section.


1 / Green Fees
  • 18 Holes Counter = €59

  • Counter 9  Holes = €30

  • Twilight* 18 Holes = €42

  • Twilight* 9 Holes = €28

  • Maximum rate 18 Holes = €100

2 / Annual Subscriptions
  • Individual 18 Holes = €1595

  • Double 18 Holes = €2085

  • Family 9 Holes = €2290

  • Individual 9 Holes = €1275

  • Double 9 Holes = €1535

  • Family 9 Holes = €1790

3 / Rentals
  • 18 Hole Buggy = €40

  • 9 Hole Buggy = €24

  • Trolley = €6

  • Electric Trolley = €15

*Afternoon hours: 12:00 in winter,  1:00 p.m. in spring and autumn, 2:00 p.m. in summer
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